Thursday, October 27, 2016

27 October 2016 (Thursday)

Missed yesterday because I went to the Home in the evening and didn't get back until almost 8 and the Spousal Unit decided she just had to talk to me then. Was busy yesterday, after the gym I came home ready to work on Coptic stuff all day -- it was raining steadily all day -- but found out I don't even start until Nov 1. So I skipped that and went to the home in the morning, later morning I think. Left there and had the famous chili cheese fries at Culver's for lunch, and then. . . .well, I came home. Decided to start cleaning out the garage. I got rid of the old gas grill, the old bicycle, a couple of old metal garbage cans, and some other odds and ends, loaded them in the back of the Equinox and drove them to the dump. And then to the grocery store to get cash, and then back to the dump and got rid of it. Picked up my new/old bag at the place that was modifying it. Looks good although the strap is shorter than I'd like. Since it was raining I drove to the DQ after dinner and then walked at the mall for a bit and tried to get some stuff at Walmart (nix) and went to Target instead. Thence to Mom's, etc.

I slept pretty well last night, but was too cold on the couch. Stayed there until 5 though. Decent workout. Worked some more on Cascadia stuff and got some Coptic stuff straightened out before heading to mom's. She'd been booted out of her room while they changed the mattress and cleaned so we chatted and Janice showed up and we chatted more. Mom was chatty but not clear. I went for lunch (starving) and then went home and cleaned out a corner of the basement, getting a bunch more stuff ready to go out. Also swept the garage floor.

I went back to see mom in the afternoon, and she was fussbudgety. Clear but not terribly coherent. Asked me if I was going to the open meeting and then if I was going to the gun shop. I said yes to the latter and asked her if she wanted me to bring her back a revolver so she could shoot her way out of the Home. Heh. Later on she said when I came back we could shoot our way out. Drove to Gille's and then walked.

The last few days I had wondered if the meds were working because I was actually in good spirits, but yesterday most of it came back. Which I didn't really mind, to be honest. Got quite teary when I went to bed, and was back to my normal wrecked self this morning. Really, I'm having trouble deciding if this stuff is actually make me feel any different at all. 

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