Tuesday, October 25, 2016

25 October 2016 (Tuesday)

Odd night. Slept until some time (I didn't look at the clock) but went down to the couch and then woke up again around -- you guessed it -- 3:30 and went back upstairs. Fell back to sleep but had looked at the clock at 4:11, too. Felt okay anyway.

I think today was the first day since I've been part of Prozac Nation that I didn't really feel crappy at the gym. Had to sit down a couple times during lunges but that was it. So maybe the side effects are starting to ebb. Had a decent workout.

Came home, did some work, then went to see Mom, a little later than usual. Janice was there and mom was telling some story or other that neither one of could fully grasp but it had something to do with her friend Phyllis and her test results. She was kind of like that all day, chatty, but about weird stuff. Later this afternoon she was on about valium and Wheel of Fortune. Sad to see her like that. I don't think it's dementia, per se, but I think she wants to talk and her memories get mixed up with the present. Cassie the hair dresser stopped in today and cut her hair, which was nice. Mom brightened up when she saw her.

I went to Rogan's to find some shoes, perhaps, but they were too pricey. $60 for Converse's! That's more than in Seattle. Had lunch at Rocky's. Then I went home and changed into shorts and went for a ride. Kind of chilly but not too bad. I did 1.5 laps around the UW campus area and came back. Then I took a load to the Goodwill and then another load to St. Vinnie's and then hung out with mom again.

The Spousal Unit texted and called this morning, had to go to the ER with a UTI last night. Probably not that bad but she was being all whiny and wanted me to come home. I was getting kind of irritated this afternoon, so I don't know how this is all going to end up. For the first time, I had actually contemplated just staying here and wasn't too flipped out about it.

Decided to walk to Gille's and back, and then went out to Festival foods to get some bottled water for the Keurig and milk and tea so I can make tea latte's here. Will probably stay here most of tomorrow and work since I haven't been doing much of it and it's supposed to be cold and rainy all day anyway. 

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