Sunday, October 23, 2016

23 October 2016 (Sunday)

Yesterday was a travel day so no entry. In Wisconsin right now after the first full day. Trip out was okay. Got in at about 4, got the rental car and was on the road by 4:30 and actually was in FdL by 5:40, so excellent time. Stopped at Culver's and got a salad and soda. When I got home the inside front door was wide open. Hmmmm. I'm hoping that the person watching the house was being thoughtful and left it open this morning to air the place out. I hope. May invest in a security camera.

Went to see mom and she was chipper. Better than I thought she would be. Very clear speaking for the most part. I chatted there for about 45 minutes and then did some quick shopping (beer, soda, donut holes) and then went home. Did an update on mom on FB and also a photo of my 'groceries'.

Managed to sleep pretty well last night, although I decided on assistance at 2:30, and it worked well because I slept until 5:30. Went to McD's for breakfast, cleaned up some, then went to Mass. Meh. Got a mocha and spent the rest of the morning with mom, went to lunch, then home. And rode the bike! 65 and sunny. Nice ride but I didn't go very far. Stopped at A&W. Got home, went to grocery store, then sat on the porch in the warm and drank most of a beer. Pleasant. Spousal Unit called. Still pretty. . . upset? Whatever she is. Needy right now.

I had started to almost lapse back into my Old Self, but have arrested that and am now mostly back to where I was, although calmer. Hopefully can go to football game with Tim and Michele, which would be super wonderful.

Went to Kohl's for socks and Walmart for mouthwash and then went to see mom again for a while, called Spousal Unit so she could talk, too. Mom was tired. 

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