Thursday, October 20, 2016

20 October 2016 (Thursday)

Felt pretty lousy all day (physically), presumably due to the meds. Took it before I worked out this morning with the usual result: low energy and sweated a lot. Although, oddly, my muscles aren't weaker; I still work out about as usual. Went downtown and got quite a bit done. This stuff may help me focus more. I'm not as impatient and want to rush through things to just get them done.

Slept badly last night, they sure aren't doing anything for that yet. I felt awful when I went to bed -- like I was either going to diarrhea or throw up (did neither) -- so I went to the TV room, woke up a little after midnight, went back to sleep, and then slept soundly until what I thought must be almost 4:30. Well, it was only like 2:10. Raining all night. Ended up sleeping until almost 5 so I didn't feel tired all day.

I left downtown at noon on the UW shuttle and then there was a car fire on I5 and we were stuck at a dead stop for about a half an hour. We finally got off at Fairview or something. Made it to Pagliacci before 1 at least and ate there, took a bus home. Did not break down this afternoon. Unfortunately. Also did a bit of laundry and worked a little more.

We took Daisy to the feet because she's been limping, the capture actually went fairly easily. Vet said just watch her. And get her to lose some weight. Hard to do because Jack grazes nicely, but she just porks down everything in sight.


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