Wednesday, October 19, 2016

19 October 2016 (Wednesday)

From Clarence Lyons' diary:
Jan 15 Louise is 6' [8/0] inches tall and has waist of 28 has light brown hair. blue[sic] eyes and weights[sic] 150 lbs.
I kind of don't think she's 6'8"?

Not the greatest day today. I managed to sleep quite well, but woke up like twice. I felt okay, not terribly hungover-like for most of the morning, but then started feeling kind of crappy. DIdn't eat much lunch. I spent the morning at Cascadia on the one report and then went to lunch at NGate and then came home and worked some more on that. Went to UVil to deposit a check and then got dinner stuff. Just didn't feel well.

I did take some time out and then broke down a couple of times this afternoon, which made me feel much better. Really, these meds are kind of like being in a mental straight jacket. Didn't come blurting out terribly naturally but I was less . . . frustrated? afterwards. Really kind of a bad day in that regard. Just felt lower than a snake's belly in a ditch.

Anyway. Walked at NGate. 

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