Tuesday, October 18, 2016

18 October 2016 (Tuesday)

One rather disconcerting side effect of this stuff I'm taking is this: I can't seem to cry. For the last month-plus I've broken down at least once a day, but since taking this junk, it's like a cough suppressant. It kind of sucks really since it's like I can't let anything out. I mean, not like I've ever been a big ol' crier or anything (gads, far from it), but this current stuff wiped me out. I could break down and actually feel better for a while. Not sure I like this.

Slept well, but required assistance. I'm down to waking up just once per night which is reasonably good, although I'm still waking up earlier (like 4:15) which is better than 3:30 I suppose. I decided I've been feeling awful because of the flu shot rather than the meds. Felt somewhat better today although I didn't take the meds until after I got back from the gym. Had a decent workout, although I still didn't feel up to snuff. Left here around 8 to head to Whidbey for the survey, stopping at the Slaveway for a mocha (needed sugar) and a donut (for sugar later) in case I got wiped out again (which I didn't). Bit of a traffic slowdown by 175th and then when I got to the ferry right in time to load. . . .they only put on a few cars because the next ferry had a medical emergency and needed to dock quickly. So, wait. Small boat, too. Found the site okay.

Nice easy digging, too. Mostly loose sand and gravel. It's a small bridge over some sort of tidal channel. Looked to be all fill except way at the bottom and only in one hole did that really look in situ: dark, blue-gray anoxic smelly sand. Wasn't too bad weather-wise, some sun, some clouds, some wind but I took off my sweatshirt for most of it. Drive back was uneventful. Stopped and dropped off the equipment. Got home about 3:45. Read, made dinner, walked. Spousal Unit has an appt next Tuesday so I will try to delay my trip by a week. 

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