Monday, October 17, 2016

17 October 2016 (Monday)

Weird day. I woke up once again, had a hard time getting back to sleep. Then only until about 4:15. But once is better than three times I guess. The workout was once again troublesome. Felt very unenergetic and had to rest a few times. It's like feeling hungover and also a sugar crash. Muscles felt okay, just no energy. I worked on Coptic stuff all morning. Went to get a mocha because I felt like I really needed sugar. Also had dry mouth at the gym.  I wonder if this isn't due to the flu shot instead of the other stuff.

Speaking of which, I'm not entirely sure I like it so far. It seems to be suppressing stuff. I suppose that's the point? Today for quite a while -- and even now -- I feel like I want to really hurt for a while and let it out. . . . .but I can't. As I've said before, intense feelings, even if they are negative ones, can be welcome.

The Coptic stuff was okay. I may have even felt more focused while working on it, not as hyper about finishing it. That would be one positive thing if that's what this stuff is doing. Mostly I was checking diagnoses and finalizing the 6- and 12-month cytology ones. Most are done, just a few with questions. Did that until 11:30. Lunch at NGate, and then I went to some place by Green Lake that has sensory deprivation chambers as recreation. Got a 2-session pass for the Spousal Unit's birthday. Don't know if I'd do it or not. I don't generally have claustrophobia, but I'm not sure I like the idea of being shut in a tank with a bunch of water. I have visions of a James Bond scene where the evil henchman locks the door and then cranks up the heater or the water level. I messaged Fiona while there and decided to meet me at SBux, so we did that and had a nice visit. Came home and did some piddling work. Walked to Metropolitan Market for a sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

Not the greatest day. 

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