Sunday, October 16, 2016

16 October 2016 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
The club probably refered[sic] to in diary is the English Club in Oakley's room (205). I'm president now. 8B-4 1936. Feb-May.
Wasn't dated.

Prozac Nation Day 3: Only woke up last night once, at around midnight for probably 45 minutes. Needed assistance to get back to sleep. But then I slept until almost 5. Still, felt sleepy all morning, almost like I'd gotten too much sleep, if that makes sense. But one period awake is better than 2-4 that I usually have. Still, don't like this sleepiness. It goes away later on in the day. At times -- especially after seeing something on Facebook that I did not want to see -- I felt like I really wanted to get really sad. . . .but couldn't. May be because I wasn't alone much (at all) today. Perhaps this is the leveling out effect. I was thinking that I didn't know what to expect from this stuff. On the one hand, I'm thinking it should calm me down as it gets rid of the anxiety; on the other hand, it's an anti-depressant so I suppose I should be getting brighter? I don't know. I'd be okay with it just enabling me to cement in place the things I want to change.

At any rate, Spousal Unit still feeling poorly, though not quite as upset with me (apparently). Think she's just got a lot of nerves and that make her guts act up. I went to Mass. Felt weird for parts of it, partly because I think I was too warm, but it could be the medication as well. Also my back hurt. Glad I went though. Took a shorty nap when I got back. Did the usual for lunch and junk.

I sat around for a bit when we got back but then decided to rake the back yard. I didn't even rush through it to get it done as I have wont to do, which also may be another thing with the meds. I would like it if it would just let me focus on things. I had my headphones in and listened to piano music, too, so it was kind of calming out there just raking. Had a bit of a blister which actually just kind of tore off, ergh.

Walked at NGate because it's raining again.

So I dunno. Would probably have been a downer of a day, but the junk I'm taking may have ameliorated that somewhat. 

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