Friday, October 14, 2016

14 October 2016 (Friday)

Prozac Nation Day 1: No apparent changes as of yet. At the gym this morning I felt kinda. . . .off. About 2/3 of the way through I got kind of shaky and felt like I was going to be in some serious GI distress, but . . . . well, let's just say it wasn't as bad as I'd thought and I felt better afterwards and continued on for a halfway decent workout. I think that may have been from either something I ate or the flu shot. Mood-wise, today wasn't any better or worse. No breakdowns, but was around people almost all day.

Slept okay, but mainly due to chemistry. The physician was asking if I needed anymore ambien so I wasn't all worried about being cut off or anything. But whatever. When I got up at 2 the Spousal Unit was also awake and don't think she slept much. She is very worried about her medical issue, which was also directed at me which irritated me.

I went to Cascadia this morning and got some stuff done. Came back for lunch. Spousal Unit did't eat much. Came home, I worked on my little presentation for next week, went to UVil for dinner stuff. Stormy and windy and rainy nearly all day. More tomorrow.

Basically today sucked.

Fate is an asshole. 

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