Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12 October 2016 (Wednesday)

Sept 25 '52. Barbara is 5'1" inches[sic] tall and has a waist of 24 inches has blond hair, blue eyes and weights[sic] 94 pounds. Ring size 4 1/2. Dress size 12. Sweater size 34. Bra [22.0] 34A. Dec. 22 is the longest night of the year.
Odd, I was always seeing Barbara as a petite brunette, but she appears to be kind of a chunky blond.

Slept about the same last night, until around 4. Decent enough workout. Back really hurt first thing. Came home and did an online meeting with some Fred Hutch people (the, ugh, Anogenital Translational Research Group) which was pretty dull except I found out that smoking seems to be a significant risk factor for some cancers of the naughty bits. Odd, never saw that before I don't think.

Right after that I headed to the Lowes to get more river rock ("Roca de Rio") and got 12 bags of the stuff (probably about 600 lbs' worth) and hauled it home and dumped it. Decided to go back right away for another 12, also got gas at the Spam's Club and made it home before noon and unloaded it all. Back did okay, although it's kind of sore this evening, depending on how I sit. I went to McD's for lunch before spreading it around. I think maybe another 10-12 bags will do it. May do that Friday as tomorrow is supposed to be really rainy. The remnants of a typhoon are coming through at some point so the next several days will prove to be very wet.

I had downloaded the new Apple OS and it's got Siri on it, their personal assistant that's supposed to understand English and junk. Ha. Not.

Me: Open the mail program.
Siri: I didn't quite get that.
Me: Open the f***ing mail program.
Siri: That's not nice.
Me: Tough do it anyway.
Siri: Interesting question, TONY FOR GOD'S SAKE.
Me: Oh just shut up.
Siri: That's not nice.
Me: ctrl-Q

I posted that to Facebook, my first post in over a month. I'm trying to. . . .change how I present myself, online and in person. I thought that was sufficiently. . .I dunno. Curmudgeonly? At any rate, I felt good about it.

I waited around for a Skype call that never came. Used an L-bracket I bought to attach the temporary support post to the cross beam, and then went to the UVil to get some brats and also talked with Verizon guy, who was a rather stunningly attractive guy (I think). Decent chap, too, reduced our bill by $55 a month. Will order new phones for the Spousal Unit and myself tomorrow or Friday. Am going to switch to iPhone even though I hate having all Apple junk, but the Android and my Mac simply don't get along very well. That took a while.

Came home, broke down. Yay.

Then I made dinner. Walked. Yippee skippee.

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