Monday, October 10, 2016

10 October 2016 (Monday)

Managed to sleep pretty well last night and was consequently in a better mood for most of the day. At least, I believe that was the primary cause. Had a very good workout. Very crowded today, as it's still the first couple weeks of the quarter, but I didn't have any trouble with any equipment. My right shoulder continues to improve and I have been benching with a free bar which seems to have helped. I had a slight (yet temporarily painful) strain on my left lids lats this morning after having picked up Daisy and held her for a butt cleaning. It went away during the workout, but shortly before noon my lower back started really hurting. May have been the ab-machine, those tend to mess with my back.

I went to Cascadia for the morning and worked on the one report. The background went okay although the ethnographic stuff was pretty spotty based on previous reports. We're supposed to cite where various villages and such were, but they are poorly mapped in this area so I lifted some stuff from an earlier report. Hopefully it'll fly.

I did that until 11:40 and then went to NGate for lunch and then came home and worked a bit more on the mapping. Went to UVil for milk and chocolate milk. I've been drinking a small glass of the latter every afternoon for some reason. Have lost some weight mostly around the middle. Losing one's appetite does that.

Watched the third Captain America movie last night (Civil War) and it was okay. I like how they've done the character for this series; they've written him well, not as a burly aggressive grunt, but also not as a modern namby-pamby either. Also the actor -- Chris Evans -- plays it well, too. The interesting thing about this movie was that they've actually addressed issues that had never really come up with super heroes before: how such a thing might actually work in the real world. They used to be just plain Good Guys who did no wrong. But their actions could have consequences. What about collateral damage? What about mistakes? What if their presence invites bad guys? It was an interesting storyline there, although everybody seemed to think the U.N. was awesome, not the corrupt organization it really is. Still, an interesting take on the genre. 

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