Saturday, October 1, 2016

1 October 2016 (Saturday)

Had a relapse today, of a sort.

Slept reasonably okay. Went out for breakfast. Hung out the rest of the morning and then went to Renton to the Walmart. I needed to go there for Luzianne tea because they're the only ones who sell it. And I got more basic supplies (contact lens stuff, etc.) so I can avoid Target. Had lunch down there, drove back home, heavy traffic for no apparent reason. Watched some of the Badger game (lost to Michigan 14-7), made dinner, etc. Walked at NGate because it was pouring down rain.

Broke down once today in somewhat minor fashion, mainly because I was around people all day, including the Spousal Unit. I don't like it when she sees me cry. So, you know. Still pretty sad all day. Which is good. Was slipping back into the old ways a bit yesterday while I was being optimistic.

I just learned there's a way to print out my entire blog here into something like a book format. I will do that someday. I don't want this whole thing to be lost in a computer crash. I would have to put in a safe deposit box though.

Also, here is my first entry from 2011.

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