Friday, September 9, 2016

9 September 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Went to school this morning as usual. Brought my [bun] home tonight and had to play for a U.S.O. dance at the Y.M.C.A. Made some more plans for my wedding. Got a ride down to the [door] and back. Got in about 11:30 and feel like hell. Am not going to school tomorrow. Bought some [school] music tonight $.50. Also was down to [Turgrass] a little while. Spent $.50. 
And that's that. I actually typed this in the day before just because I wanted to see what happened. He gets married the next day (September 10) and was married to her until 1986 when she died, 32 years. Kind of amazing that.

I have no real thoughts today, good, bad, or otherwise. Something happened this morning (not really 'happened', but became obvious). Suffice it to say that it was the dying of an idea that had no business being born, let alone nurtured. But it ends here and it ends now. I don't want to be happy, just well regarded. That is where I belong and where I am going.

Good bye, Clarence, it was good to follow you. Requiescat in Pace

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