Thursday, September 8, 2016

8 September 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up early this morning to get off to school. Everything was about the same. After school I did some work around the house and [called] up in [ugamules] to some place for the wedding. Called up Ron [longbitous]. Didn't feel too good tonight. Getting to bed about 10:00. Did some math before going to sleep. [Iam] feel rotten. 
The penultimate entry of our 2.75 years together. One more tomorrow and my time with Clarence will be done.

Today was kind of a sucky day. Slept okay, although I needed some assistance around 2-3 this morning. Not an anxiety attack (or whatever) exactly, but I was worrying about stuff. Mainly this excavation permit. I did some work on it this morning and then waited around until J. got it reviewed which was at like 1 this afternoon at which time I had to go to Cascadia and finish it up. Was a bit more stuff to do on it than I'd thought, including calculating the volumes (ha) and estimating the sample size. It's such a joke of a permit application because it's a big bureaucratic CYA thing for the most part. Anyway, I got it out around 4 this afternoon, after actually talking with the client on the phone in the parking lot of Salmon's Service Center and fiddling on my computer. Sheesh.

Was at the repair place because the Honda needs a new clutch. Actually it was a part of the clutch, which was still in decent condition, but they're going to put a whole new one in. I don't feel too bad about it since it's on the original clutch with almost 180k miles on it. BUT so far this week the one toilet went out, the car needs the clutch, and another set of blinds' cord broke. Like everything's falling apart at once. And the chimney guy came today, too.

Hence, I worked a lot but didn't really get a lot done apart from the stupid permit. Well, I did some Coptic stuff, too.

Workout was okay. More sorority chicks trickling in. I went running on the track again today. Was going to use the big goofy leg machine but never got around to it.

I dunno, just a stressful day today. Don't think I got hit with anxiety, as I used to, but am trying to keep the old muftig feeling going. It tends to mute everything else. 

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