Monday, September 5, 2016

5 September 2016 (Monday, Labor Day)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got a letter this morning from Louise [special blessing]. I walked down to the church and then went to Grandma's for dinner. After dinner I went to the show at the Yakima $.85. Helped dad on the car when I got home and I got packed up to leave for [Tacoma] tomorrow. Listened to the radio for a while and had a hard time getting off to sleep. Spent $.85.
Only four more entries with good ol' Clarence. He does have a few more entries in the back which I may include though. I have some time until the next diary starts so I could go through some of those.

I had kind of a blah day. Blah in the sense of not much going on, not much fun, etc. I slept quite well though, on the floor the whole night. Several times I awoke and heard Daisy near my head purring, and found out when I got up that Jack had been laying next to me. I woke up at 5 with the alarm. Piddled around until the Spousal Unit got up at 7. Went out for breakfast. I just their pancakes again, and they are pretty meh. I did some chores when I got back and then. . . .hmmm, what did I do. Read some stuff on the Internets. We left for Alderwood around 11. Didn't do much up there either. Lunch was not terribly interesting or good. Left there around 1:45 I guess and stopped and got some groceries.

I made steak tonight and it was okay. I set a baseline set of parameters for it though: a relatively thin steak is overdone with 7 minutes per side. 4 minutes for the usual kind of thin one (like maybe .5-.75 inches) would probably do it.

This afternoon I started using some thing called 'Yousician' which is online interactive music lessons. I botched the Introduction where it determines your skill level. I didn't warm up at all. So I started probably at their most basic. Which, oddly enough, is probably good because I was pretty terrible at their most basic lesson. It is much more difficult to try to work with a specific background melody and metronome than just noodling. Sheesh. But I suppose this is useful to start at the beginning. I did the one lesson over and over again and never even got it perfect. That's what's kind of annoying and frustrating, but also. . . . .comforting. Reminds me of when I was a beginning trumpet player, I must have sounded awful doing the most simple of melodies. I will try to stick with it for a while.

Walked. Supposed to rain a lot overnight. Only 63 today, I even turned on the heat. Managed to remain fairly muftig the whole day. 

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