Saturday, September 3, 2016

3 September 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Went to school this morning as usual. Played for the first assembly today. Classes were about the same. Came home and slept a while after school this afternoon. Ate supper at Grandma's and then went down town a little while. Played for the [Terry] dance tonight and then [church] around with the boys until about 2:30 this morning. Had some eats at the [bunghyas] $.45. Pop $.05. Spent $.50. 
Today had its ups and downs. On the up side, I slept really, really well. Until 5:15! Went out for breakfast and I had bacon and pancakes for a change. Didn't need much because I was well-rested. I actually watched college football at 5:30: they had a game in Dublin, Ireland (Georgia Tech V Boston College, and GT won). Kinda piddled around some more when we got back and then watched some more football. The ESPN people were at Lambeau for the Wisconsin-LSU game. Badgers won! They played a great game for the most part, but got complacent in the 3rd and almost gave it up. LSU was ranked #5. That was another up part.

We'd gone out for lunch and then stopped at Lowe's and got some weed and feed for the lawn and then an estate sale, and then a stop for brats and then home. Watched the Badgers mostly, and drank some beer. I think I ended up drinking like 12 ounces and we'll see how that affects me. It was over more than an hour, but still. Anyway, I was really up after the Badger game.

The downer came when the nursing home called my siblings. It's not that bad really, mom may have had a minor. . . .episode. I dunno. Or something. Said she was weak on her left side and was kind of sleepy and some other stuff. Doesn't appear to be serious but it's a reminder that she is really not in the best of shape and bad things can happen at any time. So I calmed down again. We walked around here. It was raining pretty heavily this morning but gradually cleared up and was nice and sunny this afternoon and evening.

One way to imagine all this struggling with my mood lately -- the whole muftig thing -- is really to think of it as having a kid who is "hyperactive" and trying to calm him down. That's me. As I indicated with my old report cards, I would have been a classic hyperactive kid and would undoubtedly be medicated these days. That's kind of what it is like though; I'm trying to calm myself down from being all hyperactive and such. And with the 'hyperactivity' comes all sorts of other junk, which calming down deals with as well. 

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