Thursday, September 29, 2016

29 September 2016 (Thursday)

At the time of this writing I am still trying to determine how well I slept last night. I awoke at 2:15 and thought I just didn't get back to sleep, but the next time I checked the clock it was 3:41 and I swear I wasn't laying awake that long. But I don't remember dreaming either. I did go back to sleep until 4:3ish and actually felt quite well-rested. So, I dunno.

Was in a particularly sad mood upon arising, too. It let up in the middle of the day as I was busy, as is usual.

Had a really good workout. They've moved a lot of equipment out and around, maybe getting ready for new stuff? I came home and did a little work and then went to the church to drop off some food and then decided to attend the Mass. Marge was there. At the sign of peace thing I gave her a hug instead of a hand shake. I think she liked that. I felt like I needed to go to Mass. Also lit a faux-vigil light on the way out. Was in a terrible state (not outwardly, of course).

Anyway, I did some work there and then called in a hair appt and they could get me in but I had to go right over, so I did that and then had lunch on the Ave. Then drove home, got my estate sale pants, had the alterations lady at NGate look at them, looked around for a new pair that might work, then hit the Goodwill, and then home. And promptly decided to walk down to UVil to get a bike light since I'll be riding in the dark tomorrow morning cuz the parking lot's closed at 6 am. Scum. Came home, did some stuff, started dinner, and broke down completely. Which actually felt quite good. Had to pull it together quickly because the Spousal Unit came home. No biggie, I don't look like I've cried after I've cried.

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