Wednesday, September 28, 2016

28 September 2016 (Wednesday)

Sep 19 1952 Asked Barbara for our engagement while I was sitting in Lee Roy's car on [Tron of the Nob] High School just after taking her that far from school on her way home. We mostly always talk a while [there] before we go on home. I ask her about a quarter after four. 
Spousal Unit twisted (and sprained as it turned out) her ankle yesterday so she stayed home and had to take her to the walk-in clinic early this afternoon. I had a really good workout; classes started today so there were a lot of new people there today, and a bunch of familiar ones. I ran on the track for a few minutes. Cam home and then went to Cascadia after doing some Coptic stuff for a while. I had to take some gear back and then mostly worked on Coptic stuff until around 11:20, then came home, went to lunch, clinic, came home, broke down, went back, etc. I went to the UVil for dinner stuff and saw my old coworker Hendrika. Hadn't talked to her in years. Good to see her. Walked slowly, because I was in a not good mood (as per usual). I walked by myself a long way.

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