Saturday, September 24, 2016

24 September 2016 (Saturday)

Can't say how I'm doing today since I'm dead tired. The airport trip didn't go as planned. There was an accident just north of the old Rainier brewery and then the airport was jam packed so it took me over an hour to get there. I guess lots of flights come in Friday night. So I didn't get to bed until after 10:30 (late for me) and then was awake at 5ish. Still, had a rough night at times and most of the morning I was very low. I did only break down once today (so far) and fairly mildly, but I believe that's mostly due to being so tired.

I allowed myself to feel low today though; it's okay. This morning I was thinking that it's been over two weeks so far and I haven't gone anywhere. Well, that's not true. Those first couple of days were absolutely brutal. I don't really even remember feeling that bad, that hopeless, that just plain awful in decades. So I guess I have improved somewhat. Still, one needs to concentrate on the Change part more, yes? That, however, brings its own trials since it's always a reminder of why one is doing it. But. . . .something good needs to come of all this.

We went to Norma's for monthly coffee and donuts and had a nice visit. I like chatting with them although I didn't chat much. We went to lunch at the BBQ place. Then went to three estate sales. Not much for me at the first two but the third was a Man's Man kind of place. Lots of hunting stuff and junk like that. I bought a pair of old brown wool pants for my Indiana Jones outfit. Came home and I watched football mostly. Also went to the QFC for dinner stuff.

Wisconsin whipped Michigan State 30-6. They may be very good this year. So far they've beaten LSU and MSU, both of whom were ranked in the top 10.

So, another day down. The Spousal Unit is back so I'm not alone with my own thoughts all day. That's probably good. 

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