Wednesday, September 21, 2016

21 September 2016 (Wednesday)

No entry yesterday; I didn't get home until 8:15. I managed to sleep fairly well Monday night, albeit with chemical assistance, but still had to get up at 4:30. I left at 5:30 (actually a little before) and got up to the work site before 9. Not a bad day. Started slowly, but finally got to monitor some of the work. There was some archaeological stuff, but not much and it was disturbed. Good bunch of guys, too. Nice area, on Orcas in a protected little bay near Deer Harbor. I got done there at like 2:30 and the boat didn't leave until 5:15 so I went to the Orcas Hotel and had a hot chocolate and did some work (I'd thought to bring my computer). Took a short nap, at some dinner I'd brought, and then the boat was late by a half an hour. So we didn't pull out until 5:45 or so. Still, I wasn't all frustrated and annoyed and angry and stuff. I was patient and just went along. This is entirely due to what I have been going through and why I don't want to go backwards. I can't. I just can't. I don't want to.

I slept okay last night although only until 3:30. The cats both slept next to me which was nice. So today I was tired. I kept reasonably busy all day between both Cascadia and Coptic. Mainly just doing little bits of stuff. Hence, I wasn't particularly mopey and junk all day. BTW, I almost didn't break down yesterday; I did some in the car on the way through town here and had to sit in the car for a few minutes in the driveway. I made up for it today, too, later in the afternoon. I don't even care. The worse I feel for the longer I feel it, the better I'll be in the long run.

I agreed also to do a little presentation at a local high school in a couple of weeks. Someone called Cascadia to see if someone would give a talk on archaeology so I will do that. I'm going to talk about how we analyze data. Probably will just concentrate on stratigraphy, faunal, and floral analysis since the class is on primary data and what to do with it. That kept me occupied.

Contractor guy also came over and looked at the back patio roof. He might be able to get to it this week. Went for a good long walk.

Not much else today on the usual topic.

Still sux. 

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