Friday, September 2, 2016

2 September 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Went to school this morning as usual. Everything was about the same. I started to get my first assignment today. Dad picked me up from school today and I went down to the church with him. After supper I wrote a[sic] application for a job and played a U.S.O. dance. One of the boys took me down and brought me back. Getting to bed about 1:40 this morning. Coke $.05. Spent $.05. 
Rain, blessed rain. It rained a good chunk of the morning and rained well. Heavy around 10 (at least). I welcomed it. August was a dry month and the grass was brown and I had been watering almost every night. Hopefully that is done until next year.

I was not as dreary as the weather, although I will admit that when I don't wake up with my muftig feeling I acquire it at the gym. Perhaps I'm more focused down there, with no real distractions, at least mental ones anyway. Speaking of, I had a really good workout this morning. The heaviness of the last couple of days was gone and I felt little fatigue the whole time. It was one of those days where I probably could have gone on for another hour. I ate pasta last night and also slept pretty well, so that was probably much of it, although it was very cool last night and that may have contributed to the adequate rest.

The Spousal Unit took the day off so I was on my own. . . .almost. Jack and Daisy were both up and while I was in the bathroom first thing Daisy kept rubbing against me and meowing little meows -- she rarely says anything -- and then after Jack jumped down from the counter she practically ran in and jumped up, waiting to be brushed. Sometimes she just really wants attention from me. So I brushed her and then she got in the sink, which she likes for some reason, so I had to give her some good scratching while she was there. Dunno why she needed the attention, although she did throw up a little overnight and was probably hungry. Was running late because of that, but that was okay.

I left for Cascadia pretty quickly and did some minor things there for about 2 hours. The one client I'm doing the excavation permit for is. . . .well, he's busy. He has lots to contribute. And asks lots of questions. Which I actually kind of like, it shows he's interested in the process. Some of them are kind of silly, but it's nice to work with someone who's paying attention. Mr. Smith from last year was like that, too, and although I think he may have been a little sneaky about what was going on at his place, I felt like he wasn't stabbing me in the back or anything. He seemed more like a front stabber, which I can respect.

Left around 11:30 and we went to NGate for lunch and then an estate sale -- I got two CDs, very nice ladies who were doing the sale -- and then a bit of groceries and then home. I didn't do much this afternoon. We watched the end of Tron: Legacy which I really like even though it's probably not well thought of. But, oh Lord, Olivia Wilde in that. . . . .

Rained heavily around 4 and I had to go out and re-unclog the rain chain and my pants got soaked doing so. Walked at NGate, too. 

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