Monday, September 19, 2016

19 September 2016 (Monday)

Not much change today. Slept badly last night, kept waking up. I went from the bedroom to the TV room to the bedroom to the TV room. So, tired today. I kept busy most of the day so wasn't all mopey and junk, and was starting to wonder if today might be the first day without a breakdown. . . . .but no, fell down and bawled like a baby around 3. But it felt good.

It's like one of those water thingies where water dribbles into a bucket and when it gets full the bucket tips over.

And so it goes.

Workout went well. Went to Cascadia after doing a bit of Coptic work here. Got briefed on tomorrow's work on Orcas. Big operation there and they'll be working close to intact site. I'm hoping it is boring with nothing to see. Will be a long day though, I will leave here at 5:30 and probably not get back until 8.

Was productive this afternoon. After lunch I cleaned all the junk out of the back patio and took it to the transfer station in Shoreline. I even cut up the old screen door and took that, as well as the stupid cinder blocks that have been sitting out back for years. Much cleaner now.

Tomorrow will probably be my first breakdown-free day since I'll be busy and around people all day (or driving) and probably too tired when I get home. I don't really care how long I go; the longer I hold onto it the more likely things will set in place.

I'm taking my old soft-sided cooler tomorrow. I think I got it in 1987. At the time we thought it was the coolest (heh) thing since everything back then was styrofoam or the basic hard plastic. I took it to my field school. We decided it was so cool that we should write up a grant and get like 10 of them. But we had to give it a technical sounding name, so we came up with an Australopithecine Thermal Curation Unit or ATCU. I've been using some dopey little non-cooler thing and thought about getting a little real cooler, but then remembered I had this thing so I figured I may as well use it.


Another tough day. 

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