Sunday, September 18, 2016

18 September 2016 (Sunday)

Had fire works at night -- oh were they beautiful. Paddy and Snooks are so cute when they play. I love it up there. Dad's worked on fireplace. 
I'll try to do one of these every Sunday; otherwise I'll run out.

I slept reasonably okay last night? Don't really recall, although I woke wide awake at -- yes, again -- 3:30 and said "F*** it" and took 1/4 ambien and then slept until about 5 and felt good about that. Took the Spousal Unit to the airport at 9:30 and then went to Spam's Club for gas and a couple of things, and then the PetSmart for some junk for the cats and then home, where I promptly broke down pitifully. Well, you know. Didn't have much chance yesterday so I guess it had built up. Just finished a shorter one now. *sniff*

I drove partway to the UVil around noon and forgot my check to cash and went back and saw Norma outside so I parked and chatted with her. They went too Disneyland last week and got in last night around midnight. She seemed glad to see me. Ate lunch outside, and then cashed the check and did what little shopping I had to do, which amounted to a half gallon of milk and a watermelon. Just not into it. I went to the Slaveway and just bought some soda on sale. Stopped by the house and then drove up to the car wash on Lake City; ended up renewing our yearly infinite washes thing. Drove back, did chores, etc., went for a long walk.

Next bit is all the usual touchy feely stuff; feel free to skip.

Really not any better today. Whereas yesterday I spent a good part of the day being frustrated and angry at myself, today was just the basic sadness.

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