Friday, September 16, 2016

16 September 2016 (Friday)

Jimmy Cain sat in front of us but Washington won 42-40. Oh, oh, was I glad - U of W vs. Ohio State. Ziggy was swell!
First post by Jean Clausen on this blog.

I guess today was a little better maybe. Mainly because I was out and about a lot. Really good workout. Went to Cascadia for a bit after working on some Coptic stuff. Only worked there (mostly on Coptic) for about an hour and then went to meet Fiona at Green Lake and we walked around it. I had a nice time. Was somewhat nervous about it though, I was worried I would slip back into the Old Me around someone familiar. But no, I did well. It was a nice respite.

After that I went and had lunch at McD's and then did errands. I dropped off my old leather jacket at a place for repair. It will be like $230 but I think it's worth it. It's been with me for probably 20 years, been to Egypt a few times. It's a good jacket. Will bring it to Wisconsin for warmth and Halloween. Picked up the blinds on the way back and then put them up when I got home. Well, wait, first I went to the QFC to get dinner stuff and then I came home. And promptly broke down. It was just building up all day and it had to come out at some point; that's been the pattern. Then I hung the blinds. Walked at NGate.

I still haven't posted anything on Facebook.

UPDATE: Haven't been able to find anything on a Washington v. Ohio State game on 12/23/1938 that ended at 42-40. They didn't play a football game that day and nothing came up on basketball. So, hmmmmm. 

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