Thursday, September 15, 2016

15 September 2016 (Thursday)

I guess today was maybe a little better? Didn't start out that great, although I managed a decent night's sleep again. Eyes got pretty moist on the ride to the IMA and I felt pretty down all morning; I had a lot to do work-wise so that kept my mind occupied. Was attempting to find something interesting with the LEEP data but came up empty. Did a lot of swearing at it though, more stupid merging idiocy. Appetite was about the same.

But no, I'm not an alcoholic hitting rock bottom, or suffering a serious disease, or getting a divorce, or anything like that. Writing it down is kinda of cathartic though.

Got the Honda back. $2500 for rebuilt transmission and new clutch. Drives well. Probably about the right price for that amount of work.

I'll start providing a little information on the new diarist, which I may have done already. Her name is Jean Maurice Clausen and she was born around 9/7/1921 which would mean that when she starts her diary in March of 1936 she was 15. Haven't been able to find much of anything about her online yet, although I did find her in a 1940 census, and it lists her age as 19 then so it must be her. And she lived at 600 N. 44th which is the home I bought the diary at. Otherwise, no obituary or anything. I think her mother's name was Ruth and father's Morris.

Tomorrow I think maybe I'll start posting some short notes she made. 

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