Sunday, August 7, 2016

7 August 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up before 6:00 this morning and I got started with John's folks to the [Gold] Cup [houses]. Got into Seattle about 9:00. Got breakfast on the way $.60. Sat all afternoon & [have] watching the cars. Sure was good. Afterwards we went over to Whidbey Island and met some of their friends. We spent all night sleeping on their sail boat. John and I slept out on the deck. [More funs]. Spent $.60. 
That's actually the SeaFair hydro boat races. I just watched some of the actual race that he watched here. Sounds nice.

I did great today. Slept very well, assistance-free again. Mostly still in the right frame of mind although it kinda was challenged later this afternoon, but I got it back. When I say 'challenged' I mean that something apparently good was happening which could actually send me off the rails, but I took it in stride and settled back in.

I went to Mass, too, since I was so well rested. It was kind of meh. Spent the rest of the morning sitting around, although I did do a few minor chores, including sweeping all of the floors. Went to UVil as usual. Nothing exciting there. Came back and did some more piddling around. Played guitar for a bit but not a lot since I played a lot (relatively speaking) the last couple of days and wanted to give my fingers a rest. Did the usual walk.

Was a cool day. High only in the upper 60s I think. Some showers but we haven't gotten much of anything yet. I dunno, not a lot to say about today. Oh, my brother seems to be in Seattle right now, but it's unclear if we will even get together or not. He's often busy busy busy and may not get time away. 

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