Saturday, August 6, 2016

6 August 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Got up early this morning and started painting as usual. Ate dinner at Grandma's. Painted until time to go to supper. After supper got a little [slop] and then went and played a [Tacay] dance. After the dance I went home with John [Carol] to get a[sic] early start to the Gold Cap dance tomorrow morning. Got in and in bed about 2:00 this morning. Eats $.30. Spent $.30. 
Mostly A-OK again today. Generally maintaining non-morose moroseness.

I slept pretty well, without any assistance again, but woke up shortly before 4, although I laid there for a while, even moving to the floor and didn't think I would get back to sleep but I did, at least for a little while, because the next thing I knew it was 5:10. So I felt pretty okay all day.

Went out for breakfast. Was good. Came home and piddled around. I cleaned off my desk (again) and did some other straightening up. I did go downstairs and take a short nap at one point. I must have done some other stuff but don't remember what. Nothing terribly memorable I guess. Well, I did play three LPs from the early 1980s: Christopher Cross, Chris DeBurgh, and Wham! Just feeling that particular vibe this morning. And did a little editing on my first Car Lust post for the new blog (It Rolls).

We went for lunch at the Five Guys by NGate. Decent enough burgers. Then hit an estate sale, which had some interesting stuff but only one thing I wanted but they wouldn't sell me a single glass, had to be the whole set. It was one of the old beer glasses that was narrow at the bottom and then flared out into sort of a bowl shape. Also went for ice cream and the grocery store for dinner stuff and the hardware store for primer. I think we got home around 2. I piddled around some more and decided I am going to tear down the deck railing because one of the posts is all rotted out at the bottom. It's fairly ugly anyway and this was going to be the last time I painted it. So I'm just going to trip it out Monday (probably) and then decide what to do with it. Might not even really need anything, but I still need to re-do the posts.

Fed the two squirrels a bit, Heathecliff/Sheila still takes stuff out of my hands but Junior doesn't. Played the guitar some more. Am actually improving, albeit quite slowly. Especially the last few days with my newfound sense of TLOMTB I find it easier to just sit and practice chords over and over.

Went walking up in Laurelhurst. Cloudy most of the day and then partly sunny later on. 70ish. 

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