Wednesday, August 31, 2016

31 August 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Started back to school this morning. [Down] some work a mess of kids. Got my schedule changed around about the way I want it now. Also got my [locked] this morning. After school came home and slept until supper time. After supper dad brought my [back] home [here] and I walked around until about 9:00 and then got ready for bed. Got a letter from Louise today. Paid book fine $2.50. [unk uno uno]. Spent $2.50.
I really thought he would have graduated in the spring, but I guess not. His obit said he was in the class of 1955 though.

Tough night last night. Took a long time to get to sleep and then Jack woke me up at like 1:30 throwing up. I cleaned it up a bit but ran out of paper towels. Must go finish that after I'm done typing this. Otherwise I ended up sleeping until 5 when the alarm went off. Workout was only okay, although I probably worked reasonably hard; everything felt kind of heavy today. Maybe because it was cool, cloudy, and rained some today.

Bit about my usual schedule: Wake up at 5 (or as close as I can), swill one can of Diet Coke/Pepsi between getting up and shaving, eat a couple pieces of toast, and then bike or drive to the UW IMA around 5:55. I work out there until about 7:35 and then either drive/bike home or go to the UW Health Sciences Rotunda and then take the UW Shuttle to Harborview. I do whatever work during the day and then we eat dinner/supper around 5, then do the dishes, and go for a 30-60 minute walk at 6. I usually do this and any other little things up until around 8, when we watch some bit of TV, go read in bed at 9, turn out the lights at 9:30. I'll usually go to sleep, then wake up somewhere between 11 and 1:30 and go to the other room, where I hopefully go back to sleep until 5, when it starts over again. But, you know how I sleep. . . .

Went to Cascadia and worked pretty steadily on the excavation permit. I stopped at the Greenwood Slaveway for a mocha and the fat but pleasant chick was behind the counter (not Sara). She's very nice and talkative. Nice, but a typical 'young person today' since virtually every other word is 'like'. But she's a nice sort.

I went over to the QFC for soup for lunch and motor oil -- the Civic was sounding a little loud -- and put the oil in it when I got back. Left around 1:15. The oil made a difference. I'd checked it this morning and it was okay, but I guess not. Probably need to put some in at regular intervals.

Made a quick stop at home and then took my check down to UVil and then sat at the SBux for a bit. When I got home I played that stinkin' guitar for almost an hour. I dunno, I just felt like it today. Made dinner, walked, etc.

My sister texted me to say that Sara the Nurse had called her and said she thought mom may have had a small stroke. Apparently, her left side was a bit weak and she'd been more tired than normal the last couple of days, I don't know if that's true or not but that's what she said. Was thinking (for about the thousandth time) that I hadn't expected this from mom. I'd thought she'd be stubborn about trying to get back to normal, that good stout German woman thing, you know? Instead she just seems resigned to sitting around and not being able to do anything. Perhaps one's perspective changes when one is 80 and something like that happens, or maybe the damage is to blame. I don't know. I wish she'd snap out of it and start working at it more. 

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