Tuesday, August 30, 2016

30 August 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Got up early this morning and went down town and mailed Louise's letter. Did a lot of painting around the place today. Ate at Grandma's. Went down town with dad after dinner and got myself some school supplies $.25. About 7:30 this evening the boys picked me up and I went out and played a dance out at [Mochas]. Got in about 1:00 this morning. [iap] $.15. Spent $.40. 
I will start off by saying that I woke up this morning in the perfect frame of mind. I'd slept really well all night, for the most part, but at 3:40 both of us were awoken by Daisy throwing up and despite a quick search I could not find it. I figured I was up for good, so I got a soda, put on my robe, and turned on the TV. I took a slug of soda and then decided maybe I wasn't all super awake and laid back down again. . . .and went back to sleep! How great was that?! I woke up with the alarm and then just felt. . . .well, perfectly muftig. Hard to describe -- such as I've been trying to here for a while now -- but it was exactly how I wanted to be. I do so hope it sticks around.

Anyway, I had a different sort of workout. My knee hasn't been hurting since last week when I worked it out last, so I am going to lay off of it for a least a couple of weeks. I was going to just to upper body junk the whole time but decided there were still some things I could do that didn't involve knee bending. So I did my usual back workout and what leg stuff I felt I could do safely. Meh, it was okay.

Went downtown and mostly just worked steadily the whole time. I met with Sharon and we worked out some stuff for me to do over the next few weeks so we can perhaps get a paper or abstract or two out before my funding runs out (and even afterwards). Ride home was uneventful. Made dinner, walked, etc.

Transition day today, going to be much cooler and maybe rainy for the next few days.

UPDATE: By the way, I just checked again and Clarence's last entry is September 9. I already have the next diary which goes for 5 years, or rather about 4.75. Her name is Jean Clausen and she was born on September 7, 1921(probably) and lived at 600 N 44th St in Seattle. Seems like a really nice young lady. I am looking forward to hanging with her for a few years. Her entries start in March 1936 so I'm going to start then, too. She has a bunch of separate entries in the back of the book so I'll start posting those for the time being until March. 

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