Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3 August 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up early this morning and started painting again. Ate dinner at Grandma's and got a haircut between times today $1.00. After supper I went down to the church and [shout] out visiting with Jerry. Saw a movie at the church afterwards. We drove up and down the avenue and back [spec eats] afterwards. $.35. Got in about 11:00. Spent $1.35.
I take back yesterday's statement that his diary ends at the end of August; the last entry is Sep 9 which is the day before his wedding. Odd that.

Didn't sleep all that great last night and woke up at around 3:45-50. So was kind of tired all day. But I got up anyway. Had a decent workout but I shortened it up because I had to get home, eat, and drive down to Gig Harbor for the monitoring. Before I left for the gym I put my flamingos in Norma's yard. Heh. When I came back this afternoon they had put them in 4 other peoples' yards. I may put them back right under her window tomorrow morning.

Drive down was uneventful. I stopped at the SlaveWay in Gig Harbor and got some provisions and gas and then went down town. It was in Crescent Creek Park at the end of down town, where a creek enters the bay. We were down in the marsh area. I really didn't need to be there as they were just pushing a tube down and then would cut it open later. Hence, I was unable to see hardly any sediments at all. But I did a foot survey and took photos and saw what I could. Pleasant day really. Mushy but a nice little area. People were nice enough. I mostly stood around. Oh, I did ask them if they'd ever gotten one stuck and they said no. . . . .and then got one stuck. I'd left while they were working on it, but it ended up breaking off and they lost like 7 feet of it. On August 3, 2066 it will become a Historically Significant object, if it's still there then. Heh.

Left there at 2:30 and another mostly uneventful drive back. Got home around 3:45. Unloaded everything and then called in a salad and bread stick strike. We walked down to the Metropolitan Market.

Decided today that this moroseness I've been talking about is a Good Thing in that, however it does it, it has the effect of calming my mind downI need to try to get that same effect without, perhaps, all the moroseness. Moroseless moroseness, as it were. I dunno, I'm thinking now that many of my problems have been because I'm all ADD-ing out and desperately looking for. . . something. Activity. Something. The morose puts a cap on that, although I don't know how or why, but it does. A goal to strive for, I guess. 

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