Thursday, August 25, 2016

25 August 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up early this morning and went to the church to work with dad. Went down town and got myself some [yarding] papers $.75. Slept a bit this afternoon. Did a bit of work on my rocks today. After supper at Grandma's I went down town to a show at the Liberty $.75. Walked home from the show and then walked around a little before going in. Got to bed about 11:15. Spent $1.50. 
I think he's gotten to bed before midnight every night since the injury. . . .

I slept okay last night. Workout was. . . .troublesome. I'd been stretching my knee out before and during leg workouts and it's been helping, but not today. Very sore for almost the whole thing. And it hurt a lot all day, too. I have been called back to the field next Monday so I think I'll perhaps forego legs workouts altogether next week and see what happens. There's really not much I can do that doesn't hurt it.

Anyway, came home, did a little work, and then went to Cascadia, first stopping at the church to drop off some donations. Talked to some other lady there about all the traffic junk. Didn't do much at Cascadia except insert some more photos in a report and then edit it up some. And prepared a cost estimate for this other Penn Cove thing. Hung out a bit, and then went to NGate for lunch. When I got home I went out back for about 45 minutes in the sun and red a book, and then took a quickie shower (hot today) and then went to UVil. I got a beverage at the SBux and then sat out in the middle at a table. Which was pleasant until some dork wad decided to sit at the same table. Some old guy with long gray hair in a ponytail and one of those multi-pocketed vests and a "Abolish the Death Penalty" t-shirt on. I ignored him. Went and got salad stuff for dinner and tried to buy a bagel (or two) but the place in the QFC's oven was broke and they were totally out.

Came home, did nothing very interesting or productive. Well, that's not true. I signed an agreement for the chimney and then researched new TV/Internet service. From CenturyLink this time. I think we can get our same basic bundle for about $150; sometime tomorrow perhaps I shall call up Comcast and say we're probably going to switch unless they can come up with something equivalent.

Walked to the Post Office and Slaveway this evening. 

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