Wednesday, August 24, 2016

24 August 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up and ate breakfast with dad this morning and then took a bath and then went back to bed and sept until 11:30. Got up and [shaved] and went to dinner. After dinner I bought some sand paper $.50 and some [abour] and worked on my rocks. [Pain the windsor fearsome] this evening. Ate supper home tonight. Walked around before going to bed tonight. Also [sand] a while before going to sleep. Got ready today about 12:00. Hair cut $1.25.
Well, I fought the law and the law won. Well, sorta. Stupid ass speed bumps went in today. When I got back from the gym I moved the flamingos to the terrace so they wouldn't miss 'em. And they didn't. Apparently they've been getting an earful all along the way so far, which is good; people need to let them know we didn't want the damn things. Norma and Sunny were talking to one of the workers and said they didn't like what they were doing to our street but weren't going to get angry at them. I did that, too. A couple of low-level workers were sitting across the street when I was leaving for lunch and I went over and talked to them. Nicely. I told them I wasn't going to bitch at them since I already bitched at the planners. Still discussed how nobody wanted them. But I wished them a good day and when I came back me and one of them exchanged friendly nods so I'm okay with that.

Slept really badly last night. Couldn't get to sleep and then woke up all irate at 2:30, ugh. I felt pretty good when I went to bed, but, oh well. Still had a dandy workout though. I'm liking riding on 38th, even apart from the stupid speed bumps. It's a nice quiet street with sensible intersections and such. On the intersections: at big streets on 39th they put a bunch of stupid island in the middle of the cross street (e.g., 65th) and made all sorts of crosswalk junk and now nobody seems to know how bikes are supposed to work there, do they stop like regular vehicles (yes, duh) or are they supposed to have right of way or what? It's confusing. On 38th, it all makes sense: I stop until I can go, bing bang boom, done. Duh.

Oh well, no one ever went broke betting on the stupidity of government.

I worked most of the morning on Coptic stuff and then went to McD's for lunch and then worked a bit more and then walked to UVil. Chatted with Norma a bit on the way. Damn fine scenery at UVil, OMG. Walk home was okay. I messed with the guitar some; I may have decided to forget about singing along with it and may concentrate on just playing it for playing it's sake. Then I went and played my trumpet for a while; I do so love playing that thing. I just practiced an old Cat Stevens song, Morning Has Broken. Simple, but I improved quickly and that felt good.

Made dinner, walked, etc. 

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