Thursday, August 18, 2016

18 August 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Had a little better night last night than usual. Got up for dinner today. About 4:00 got up and went to the doctor. Also had dad take me out to the Ethel's place just long enough to talk to her for a little while. Was also up for some [rain] tonight. [Troyas] and [Wahine] came down to see me a little while tonight. Have stayed dressed since 4:00 but [and] just laying around. Lee was [too] down for a few minutes today. 
Well, he's feeling better. Last night's post may not have been posted. Hold on. . . .

Just published it. Dunno why it didn't go up last night. Well, I was tired. That is not the case tonight since I slept WELL last night! And without assistance. Jack slept next to me all night out on the couch, maybe that did it. He doesn't do that very often.

So, today went okay. Workout with the knee was. . . .well, okay. Tuesday it didn't hurt much at all, but today even with the stretching it was hurting. Not a whole lot but enough to be annoying. If I keep it stretched out by bending it, it seems to do okay the rest of the day.

So, came home and did some Coptic work including posting a video of baby goats in pajamas. Well, because, it was relevant to the discussion. Which was in a largely recreational area. So there. Didn't actually get a lot done, but I worked from 8 to 11 and put down 1.5 hours because I was messing around a lot. Also walked up to the SBux because I didn't want a tea latte but I ended up not drinking most of it because. . . well, I don't know.

So. Decided I should take the wood back to Dunn so I loaded it into the Honda and then went to UVil and had lunch at the Chipotle. Then went to Dunn and returned it. Drove home, slowly because one lane of Pacific was blocked. Changed to the Mustang and then went back to UVil to hang out with Fiona for a while. We critiqued many fashions. There was one tall blonde who was quite statuesque (again, but a different one) but we disagreed on her dress which was a shorts black leather thing. I thought it looked like a black leather burlap sack and did little for her figure. I was no doubt a non-gay fashion designer in a previous life.


Came home and mowed the lawn, by which I mean I mostly mowed the dead leaves and clover. Played geetar for a while and also again this evening after the walk. I played along with three songs, fairly well: Dreaming, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and I Am Weary. That last one is really the first song I attempted and at least I can say that I have markedly improved on that one. Back then I couldn't even make the quick D-G-D change and now I can so there is progress however painfully slow.

Not much else to report. Warm today, 87 and supposedly 97 tomorrow.

I will say that I didn't quite have my morose mood going but I did okay, not terribly stressful. 

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