Wednesday, August 17, 2016

17 August 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Had a bad night last night but I feel a little better today I think. Got up for just a little while. Also [alsand] today.. Dad started to paint the house down here today. Am getting up a little while tonight. 
Tomorrow goes back to scrunchy handwriting and longer posts.

Feeling good and morose this evening. Kinda slept. . . .well. Hmmmm. I ended up needing some minor assistance, but ended up sleeping well. Had another flashback bad memory that kept coming back last night. That's the way these anxiety attacks (or whatever) often go, I'll think of one thing from the past that is a bad memory and it just gets exaggerated. Workout went pretty well, too. Oddly, although my knee didn't hurt yesterday all day, even when working out, it hurt kind of a lot today. I really need to stretch it, I think. After I'd sat in the SBux with my leg bent for about 45 minutes it felt much better.

I went to Cascadia for a while this morning and got a summary for the Fort Ebey thing done and did a couple other little things and then left and went to Home Depot, but they didn't have a post (they probably did, but I couldn't find them and the people I asked probably didn't make the connection). Found some at Lowe's that would work, but I want to look at Dunn lumber tomorrow as well. After that I went over to the Spam's Club and got paper products. I tried to pay with my card but it refused it (errored) twice and I kind of panicked thinking I'd somehow managed to zero the balance out so I drove home thinking the worst, but it hadn't actually done that, I had plenty in that account. I dunno, maybe it just couldn't read it for some reason.

I went for lunch at McD's, driving the Mustang, and then came home and then went to the UVil because I needed some batteries for the garage door remote and I really felt like sitting in SBux for a bit. I was happy because a tall, very attractive young female in a short skirt and high heels sat across from me. . . .and she knew how to sit! I mean, like a lady. I was very pleased at that, there are quite a lot these days who don't really know how to maneuver in a short skirt without flashing everyone. Good for her.

What else. . .came home, and actually played guitar for like 45 minutes, just doing chord switches. Made pasta for dinner. Went to UVil for milk and some other junk. Nice today, like 80. Supposedly 89, 94 and 92 over the next three days though.

Oh, I also talked with Carol who used to live in our house when I brought some stuff for the food pantry. She said they did the patio back in the late 1950s so those posts have probably been there for a good 60 years, give or take. Not bad, I guess. 

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