Sunday, August 14, 2016

14 August 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Am still in this joint. Lee Roy came up to see me to about noon. Lola and Ray came over this morning. They got me out of here about 1:00 this afternoon and took me down to grandma's to stay for a while. Don't feel a bit good. 
Another day, another day of struggling with TLOMTB. Actually, I did well today considering I got adequate sleep last night. Spent on the floor because Jack was taking up the whole couch. Why they love that room when it's hot out I don't know. But I slept well, until about 4:45. Spousal Unit again didn't get up until almost 7. I watched four episodes of South Park. Made breakfast. Decided not to go to Mass today although I slept well enough to. I dunno, just didn't feel like it. I started to read out on the front steps but it grew warm and my stomach felt awful so I walked up and got a mocha to settle it down and ended up nursing that all morning. I don't remember what I watched since I didn't do much of anything else.

We went up to NGate and the Panera for lunch for a change. Play has gotten really expensive, along with everything else really. Not too long ago I could have eaten lunch at McD's for about $2.50, now it's almost $5. All due to hiking the minimum wage and making everything else more expensive because, well, it's good for us.

Anyway, rant off. Went to the UVil for the usual stuff. Came home rather early. I tried to call Mom but it wouldn't connect for some reason. Will try again this week. Did a bunch of chores this afternoon, putting laundry away, getting stuff ready for tomorrow, etc. Made dinner. Walked.

Warm today, and this week it's probably going to be up in the 90s.

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