Friday, August 12, 2016

12 August 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
This morning they took me down for a[sic] x ray about 10:00. They took me down again about 1:00. The doctor said I had a clapsed[sic] lung. They just gave me a bunch of shots and pills. 

I had a weird night last night. My routine lately has been to fall asleep and immediately start dreaming for about 20-30 minutes and then wake up; then I go to the other room and usually go right back to sleep. I think this time I used a tiny little bit of assistance and then slept through for the most part. Probably woke up around 3:30 although I didn't look at the clock, but went down to the floor and managed to get back to sleep. Got stuck counting up from 560 by 7 for a long time; that's what got me to sleep.

Dang good workout, too. I rode down 38th this morning and it was much nicer. I'm going to start going that way from now on because it's a better ride and I can avoid the -- pardon the French -- god damn fucking speed bumps they'll be putting in. I went to the shop this morning and did mostly nothing except for a couple of emails, and then the gas people (PSE) called and I left to go meet them. They got the gas turned on and we started the furnace for a bit and then it was done! We are officially off of oil and on gas. Won't matter for a few weeks, but it's nice to have it done. I drove to Laurelhurst to see an estate sale, nothing I wanted to pay for. I may go back Saturday and see if a guitar is 1/2 off and then it might be worth it. I went and bought a fan at the Bartell's and then went to McD's for lunch. The manager had to kick some broad out for trying to refill an old soda cup she had. Came home, futzed around a bit and then rode my bike down to UVil and stopped at the bike store down there and ordered new wheels. I'd been putting it off but the brakes are really sucky and it's starting to worry me. Hate to get rid of the original wheels, but, oh well. Then I went to the SBux for a bit, which was nice. Too damn many Birkenstocks though, God those things are ugly.

When I got back from lunch the stupid SDOT guy was changing the dates on the signs and I asked him if he was here to take the signs away again. He was not amused.

So let's see, what else. I got a few things at the QFC before coming home from there and then just prepared all that junk. Warm today, hit 90.

When I woke up I was in a good groove, I thought, but was worried because it had kind of an edge of the old anxiety/depression/whatever, but I finally decided it didn't and pretty much kept with it all day. This could really be working. That is good. 

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