Thursday, August 11, 2016

11 August 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up this morning about 8:30 and had breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma and then started scraping old paint off the house getting it ready to repaint. About 4:15 this afternoon I hurt my side. After supper dad took me to the hospital and they looked me over and to[sic] me in for the night. Had a hell of a night. My side [stould] and neck hurt all night. 
I'm assuming he meant 'shoulder'. Can't imagine what he did to it.

I had a. . . .hmmmm. Interesting day. The good news is that I slept through the night; the bad news is that it ended at 3:30. DAMN YOU 3:30 WHEN WILL YOU LET ME BE. I really woke up; had an exceedingly negative thought about something in the past and that just set my head off into going a hundred miles an hour. So I got up and said f*** it. Meh. I felt mostly okay all day. Workout was kind of, well, meh, as well. It was leg day and I tried some new things and old things to work around my knee but I'm not sure anything helped. Don't want to try PT again but I'm not sure what else I can try. I'll have to find something that will strengthen whatever it is that's weak and making it hurt.

I walked up to the HUB and had my bagel and Coke and then worked for an hour on Coptic stuff. Then I went to the library and got the book for TT -- The Company Town in the American West by James Allen -- and then went back to the SCHMUB to get a mocha and wait for Sharon which didn't take long. It was good to see her again. We got lots of stuff straightened out. That took until about 10:30ish and then I rode home.

Now, when I got home the stupid $)@)ing a**holes of SDOT had their stupid $)@)ing NO Parking signs up again and I immediately made some GO AWAY AGAIN signs and stuck them on those and went to lunch and fumed some, but upon reflection came back and dig my old GO AWAY WSDOT signs out of the box and then added an AGAIN to those and then stuck them back out with the flamingos. This time with their ASSES turned towards the street:
So there. Nyah.

Then I decided to do something about the posts in the back and that I was going to scrape and spackle them and paint them, so I went to Dunn and got a couple of post caps (for the rebars sticking up) and the spackle and some guy there had some ideas for other covers which I might try. Errrm, then I went to the UVil SBux because I was parched.

When I got back I put the flamingos out and then started scraping the posts, but then realized that one was in really bad shape and thought better of just painting them. Then I hit one of the rebar with my flip-flopped foot and swore and decided to cap them right then and there.

Oh, right after lunch, I did lay out in the sun for about 45 minutes.

So I got out my tools and junk and took one of the old posts and started cutting 4" sections for the two rebars. Plan is to cover them with the 4" stub posts and then cap those. I may need to put up some sort of decorative chain or something for them though since we may still keep running into them. But I took off my shirt and was just wearing the ol' wife beater t-shirt and I sawed and drilled and junk and felt all studly. Wish I'd had a Schlitz beer or something, that would have nailed it. But it worked! I drilled a hole in the center of each and it fits right over the rebar nicely.

Then I putzed around and made dinner and we walked down to the Metropolitan for milk, buttermilk and I got some PG Tips tea. I have bunches of old Red Rose but you can't even smell it anymore so I think it's dead.

Was 82 today and will be warmer the next couple of days.

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