Monday, August 1, 2016

1 August 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up early this morning and went down to the church with dad. Went to Sunday school at the [Mxxxxxxxx] church and church at the Baptist Church. Ate dinner at Grandma's today. Picked apricots for Grandma's today. Went to young people's service tonight and also church. Earl brought me home tonight. Got a bite to eat and got to bed about 11:00. Am not too tired today or tonight I should say. 
Thus beginith my last month with Clarence. The diary ends in September. I have another diary ready to go, but I may not start that one until January 1 of next year. Clarence has some other odds and ends in the back of the diary so this place won't be without his input even after the formal diary ends.

So, remember yesterday when I said the anxiety had disappeared. Yeah. . . no. Well, not really a big ol' deal but portions of last night and today were kind of hairy. One thing I realized last night was that I've been using the ambien more than usual. I've had stretches before where I needed it often and then others where not at all, but this latest phase has been going on for too long. Since I really don't want to lose that magic bullet status, I'm going to cut back and only use it on days before having to drive or when going downtown. Because it would suck otherwise.

Apart from that, I had an okay day and am back to melancholy status for the most part. Workout was pretty good although I didn't feel very much energy despite doing pretty well with it. Came home, etc., and then went to Cascadia. I mostly did some summaries and clerical junk. I found out our main field tech is probably not working with us anymore. He was the main guy for years, but I don't know what happened. The ladies have been kind of complaining about his work lately, but he's kind of dropped off the radar. I guess he and his wife are strapped financially since she wasn't working much anymore and he's been on unemployment. That's tough to live here without at least one full time income (yay socialism!). We suspect they're probably going to move back to Spokane fairly soon.

I did that in the morning and then went to lunch at NGate and then picked up some donuts for tomorrow. Came home and did some Coptic work, final (although not really) data manipulation, and then decided I should sit out in the sun for a while which I did. Only like 45 minutes. Should be enough to ease the farmer tan some more. Cleaned up some. Was kind of unproductive actually. Well, the anxiety junk was bumming me out. Harshing my mellow. I managed to bring the melancholy back with some carefully placed sad piano music. 

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