Saturday, July 9, 2016

9 July 2016 (Saturday)

Finally settling down. Was a pretty busy day for the most part. I went and woke up at 4 although I thought it was closer to 4:30. Wasn't too bad though as I slept through the night. I sat on the porch for a while but then watched TV for a while, too. When I finished my second Coke I took a shower and then drove over to the McD's and had a bit of breakfast. Came home, put some laundry in (sheets) and then rode the bike out to the Eden Grill to join the Pool People for breakfast. Nice ride. Bit cool, but much of it was on a trail. One long section was packed gravel and it had greenery on both sides, was very pleasant. I bought a donut from the gas station store. Rode back home and then. . . .I dunno what I did. I went to the Fleet Farm and got some more painting supplies and then came home to continue on the airing porch!

But I didn't. Bought the wrong gloves. The no-drip lid didn't fit. I decided to just pour it out and the wind grabbed it and it dribbled on the concrete. I figured that was all a bad sign. So I quit. Cleaned up and then piddled around a bit. Could NOT figure out what to do for lunch. Finally drove to A&W and got a chili cheese dog which was okay but a complete mess. I took it to go and went to the park and ate. It was windy. I then came home and scraped the front steps in case I could paint soon. Stopped by to see mom for a little while and the siblings called and I left there a little after 3.

And THEN I decided to paint. Wait, at some point I went to the hardware store and got paint and primer for the steps. Probably before I saw mom. So I went home, and started priming the steps. I even drank a beer while doing so. And I almost ran out of primer. Barely made it. I probably need to get more paint since I only got a quart. And I still need to prime and paint the back step, although I may just paint it.

Made dinner and then rode to the Gille's (6th day in a row!) and then rode up to see mom again. I think she may have been crying again but she quite when I got there. Was pretty chatty. Said a few odd things, but not too many. Left around 7 and am now watching the race.

So, good day. 

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