Friday, July 8, 2016

8 July 2016 (Friday)

Man, busy day. Happily for me Michele came down for an hour or so. So grand to see her for a while.

Slept okay, but OF COURSE I woke up at 3:30. I said f*** it and took a partial ambien and went down to the couch and went back to sleep so today wasn't too bad. Swim went pretty well. Lack of sleep really affects that. I worked on the Ft. Ebey report until around 8:30 and then rode my bike to the SBux over by 41 and Johnson. Wasn't too bad of a ride although I haven't figured out the quickest route yet. I took a travel mug Barb had left and it fit in the little bottle holder perfectly. Messed up the route to the Home as well, because part of Thomas St. is closed. Mom was okay, although she, um, needed to be changed right away. Well, she was sleeping when I got there so I worked some more and then went in right when Janice showed up. Then mom was in some discomfort, etc. We chatted for a little while and then I rode over to the Rocky's for lunch and then home.

Painting was meh. Was very warm and sweaty. Michele texted right when I started so I was kind of hurrying to get done before she showed up. She took a while (was on Oshkosh) so I was actually done with what I was doing, which wasn't much. I was ready to have someone else do it, but looks like I don't have much up this weekend so I may paint for much of it. Anyway, it was joyous to see her. We went to Gille's. Hee!

Met the relatives for fish, we went to St. Peter. Not bad. Some new people were there and they were okay. Oddly, we were the only ones in there the whole time. The bar had some people but no one in the restaurant part.

I walked for a while when I got back. 

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