Thursday, July 7, 2016

7 July 2016 (Thursday)

So, unfortunately today started at 3:30. Grrrr. Just a thousand different things running through my head. I tried to go back to sleep upstairs on down on the couch but to no avail. Swimming went okay but it was tough starting. I learned not to look at the clock at all. The first time I looked and I had already gone for 30 minutes so that was good. I go for 45 minutes and maybe 3/4 of a mile.

I came home and started doing some work (Coptic) but didn't get too far with it. I left to go to the SBux around 9 and when I got there it had started to rain and instead of going to the Home I decided to come home and watch it rain on the porch. And of course it pretty much quit by the time I got home. So I went to the Home, and didn't get much done. Mom was all grumpy because of her foot but Sara came in and gave her a slug of vicodin and after complaining for 30 minutes that it was taking too long, she calmed down. Left there around 11:45. Some guy from WA called about just getting my voice mail "from a couple days ago" when it was actually from May. Was a guy who cancelled a project and I was seeing if we could refund some of the deposit he'd made.

Had lunch at the Culver's and then hit the hardware store for more paint chips and then a mouse thing. I was going to get poison but then saw a live-catch trap and thought I'd try that. The guy even gave me a bunch of sunflower seeds for free. When I got home I cleaned up the mice poop and litter box crud by the steps and put the trap out. Let's see! I'll check it before I leave for the pool tomorrow and if there's anything in it I'll take it over by the old high school and let it out there.

And then it thunderstormed! Yes! I sat out on the porch and watched it pour down rain and lightning and thunder. How glorious was that. I loved it. Fell asleep for a few minutes, too. Came back in and worked some more on the report for Ft. Ebey and then went to the store and got supper (a TV dinner type thing). Did the usual Gille's thang and then rode up to the Home again. Mom was in a good mood and we tried Skyping with Phyllis but it didn't work, so we called the Spousal Unit instead. She liked that. Rode home.

Was 69 this afternoon after the rain but because of the humidity it didn't feel that cool.

Just want to sleep through the night tonight. 

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