Wednesday, July 6, 2016

6 July 2016 (Wednesday)

Busy day today. I woke up and heard the thunder last night, probably around midnight. Went right back to sleep, quite blissfuly I might add.. Woke up later and thought, Wow, I think I slept really wall last night except I don't hear any birds chirping. Well, it was 2:15. Took a while to get back to sleep but then was out until almost 5. Had a really good swim although there were a lot of people there. Almost had to share a lane. Didn't take long to get into the groove and I really didn't have to stop at all. Came home, bagel, etc. I worked on Coptic stuff until about 9 and then drove over to the SBux and to the Home. Mom was in therapy (speech) and Liz came by to chat a bit. She thinks some of the weirdness is new (like her telling them I was here to stay). I dunno. I kind of suspect it's part of the rewiring process. They tested for a UTI but it was negative. Stayed there until about 11:40 and then went to Rocky's for lunch, ate too much. I stopped at the grocery store after that and then went home.

I worked on the Ft. Ebey report and discovered that their map was wrong. They marked the route differently from the map so I had to go back to the Google Earth image and try to figure out where we were from there, which is difficult because of the trees, but I had a couple of landmark probes mapped out so the map should be okay. That took until 2. Then I decided to go for a bike ride. Hooo boy. I let at 2:15 and rode to Lakeside Park first and had a cone at the A&W and then rode around the park and then out Winnebago Drive until the cutoff to the UW/MPTC. I rode the loop there twice and then went home, although in something of a circuitous route because I neglected to turn at the right intersection Was very sweaty when I got home, although it didn't really wear me out. I was thinking I was probably in better overall shape now than I was when I was 20, all things considered. I changed my clothes and showered, I was so wet. Piddled around after that. Just made a brat and s few veggies for dinner.

And then rode up to Gille's again, heh. Then up to the Home again. Mom was being a little funny. I mean, funny weird and funny ha ha. Here's a snippet of the last part of our conversation (I was only there about 20 minutes):

Mom: “I suppose you should go now.”

Me: Wait, what? You’re kicking me out so you can watch baseball? Really?”

Mom: “Yes, I’m very tired.”

Me: “Okay, well fine then.”

Mom: “I’ll be home shortly.”

So I came home. There's a nice trail along the river that I can take most of the way. Much nicer than the streets. 

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