Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5 July 2016 (Tuesday)

No On This Day's because I forgot to bring the diary.

Man, the fireworks were flying last night. The neighbor was really lighting off some big ones. Probably lasted from 9 until after 10. I was watching Captain America and couldn't hear much of it. I went to sleep okay and slept until about 4:30 which was okay considering the time change.

Swim went great. About the first 20 minutes were kinda tough but then I really got into a groove and it felt great. I lasted about 50 minutes and probably did 3/4 of a mile. Then I went in and chatted with the Pool People for a while. Stopped and got bagels and then came home and did a bit of work. I loaded the bike into the back of the Kia and took it back to the rental company, which is on the west frontage road and 23. I was going to walk it all the way but decided the tires were full enough that I could ride it over to the SBux. THEN I walked it over to the Home. Stopped and got it some air.

Mom was in PT and then she just came out for a few minutes before going back in for an ultrasound on her foot which had been swelling up and hurting and was feared there was a clot somewhere; it was negative. Yay.

I rode home and then drove the Equinox to the Culver's out on 23 and then drove it out to Feldner's in St. Cloud. $61 for the repair of the exhaust and a brake check. Drove home, and then went to the hardware store and got painting supplies. When I got home, I was really warm and sweaty. . . .so I took off my shirt and did yard work for an hour in the sun. Heh. Well, gotta get rid of that farmer tan. I started out by just pulling some thistles but ended up picking up fireworks and pulling out more small trees and weeds and ivy. Then I took a shower. Ate dinner and then rode the bike to Gille's. I found that there's a trail from near Gille's (sorta) that goes through town all the way to a couple blocks away from the Home. I rode that and visited with mom for a while. Left her watching the Brewers and stopped at the drug store for soap and junk and rode home.

Nice busy day. Supposedly thunderstorms tonight. 

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