Monday, July 4, 2016

4 July 2016 (Monday)

No On this day as I am typing this in flight. May have forgotten the diary as well, hmmmm.

I slept well last night, and without assistance. Had some sort of bad dream before waking up and going to the TV room but I don’t remember what it was. Before waking up the last time I had a weird one though. I dreamed that I woke up while swimming in the IMA pool. I was doing okay with maybe 2-3 other people in the lane with me, by which I mean I wasn’t passing anyone, no one was passing me, although I had the rather curious skill of going almost halfway across on my push-off the wall. Anyway, we all had to stop and then some guy started bleeding and was leaving a little (intact) ribbon of blood down the lane which one of the life guards used a net little device to vacuum up.

But that’s not the weird part! Then a female life guard walked across to the middle of the pool and told me — and everyone else — that she had been judging me and that I was definitely in the wrong (i.e., fast) lane and had to go over to one of the slow lanes. Well. I just got out at that point and headed to the showers. And then it got weird again. There were dozens and dozens of high schoolers on some sort of field trip filling up the locker room including a few right in front of my locker. After getting my towel and junk, I headed off to the shower area which was rather enormous, with probably hundreds of shoer heads and I was busily trying to find one that had a decent spray and hot water when I woke up.

That’s a weird recurring dream of mine: the locker room. Often I am trying to find my locker and can’t remember where it was or the whole room is unfamiliar and I don’t know where to go. That whole anxiety thing, although I don’t consciously feel uncomfortable in the locker room very much. Maybe resulting from some form of childhood trauma no doubt. Well, I was a little out of shape unathletic weenie who didn’t like gym class, so maybe that was it. So there you go.

Spousal Unit took me (actually I drove) all the way to the airport instead of just going to the rail station. Got there a little before 7 for a 9:30 flight and the TSA lines were short and the TSA pre-check line was closed but I got “expedited” screening anyway, but that was actually slower. On the other hand, I didn’t have to take off my shoes and just went through the X-ray instead of the nakedidity scanner thingie. I sat around in the big atrium with the windowed wall for an hour or so and Facebooked and read stuff on the web. Flight is only half full so I moved to an empty pair os seats once we were at cruising altitude.

[Update in FdL]
Flight was about 30 min early so we got in at 3. Got the rental car -- a Kia Soul -- and was in FdL by around 4:30. Not a bad car. I like it. I checked the Equinox when I got here and it's just a bolt holding two sections of exhaust pipe together that broke. Should be an easy fix. Hope it makes it up there without falling off though. I went to Culvers for dinner/supper and then had a Gille's sundae, hee! Went to Target to get some supplies and then went to see mom. She looked really good. Was talking pretty clearly. Said some bizarre things, like Phyllis was coming out tomorrow for a week, but mostly okay. I don't know if it's from not thinking straight or thinking okay but it's just coming out wrong. Anyway, she looked pretty good.

Came home and am unpacking and doing various little things. Plan on swimming tomorrow. 

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