Sunday, July 31, 2016

31 July 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in a little late this morning. Worked on some rocks and then had dinner at Grandma's. I [gain] Louise [ran sooy] from home today. Dad and I looked at some used cars and drove down to Toppenish and saw a good show. Worked at the church tonight and dad took me out to Playland $1.00. Eats today $1.30. He picked me up about mid-night. Got home and got to bed about 12:30. $1.00. Monthly spents[sic] $30.64 Spent $102.30. TOTAL SPENDING FROM JAN $311.72.
Another day, more melancholy. Which is good. I had positive feedback from That Which Will Remain Nameless but it's stayed around. Perhaps this is more than what it used to be, which was largely directed at one person. Would be nice.

Had to have assistance twice last night, the second time because -- wonder of wonders -- I woke up at 3:30. 3:15 actually, but close enough. Ended up sleeping until almost 5 which was pretty much ideal. Because of that I went to Mass. And didn't even close my eyes! Fr. Basso was there and he had an interesting portion of the homily. He was talking about greed and mentioned that it wasn't just to do with money or material things, that one could be greedy about, for example, attention. I hadn't thought of it that way exactly, although I had been inching towards something like that. I had considered it in relation to my workouts, which for years I've always directed at (in a sense; the way it looks is about 4th in line for the reasons I do it) the way I looked from it, that I should be aiming for as much of a bodybuilder look as I can (which isn't really much to be honest). But lately I've been rethinking that, directing my workouts more towards. . . .I don't know what. Being strong and injury free and guiding things toward increased functionality I guess. It sounds weird and perhaps a bit trite, but there you have it.

Anyway, enough wool gathering. After Mass I didn't do much, although I did end up taking a short nap. We ate at McD's and then did the usual shopping thing. The afternoon ground away slowly. I had been debating whether to practice my trumpet or not and ended up hitting the guitar again. That went surprisingly well. I just practiced basic chord switching -- D-C-G -- but concentrated on doing each one well. Actually was doing them with good facility.

'Sheila' the squirrel came up on the back deck roof for some chow. She's been taking nuts out of my hand lately. She's very gentle about it although the first time she kinda grabbed my finger with her claws, which didn't hurt but it was a bit uncomfortable. Now she gently just takes it with her teeth. Sweet little thing, although she does tend to like to chase off the others.

Usual walk.

So, another melancholy day and productive. I shouldn't say this, but most of the anxiety is gone. Banished by the sadness, I guess. And remember, I say 'sadness' but it's a good sort. Whatever. It is gone and it is good. 

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