Friday, July 29, 2016

29 July 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Started painting again this morning. Painted until noon. Lola and Ray came over this morning. Louise came down to the house a couple of times today. Ray and I polished rocks all afternoon today. After supper [Elmer] picked us up and I played for a U.S.O. dance at the Y.M.C.A. We played [eatseade] tonight. Ray and Lola came down and heard the band for a while. Rode home with them. Spent $.10. 
You know, I would like to play for a band. Nothing fancy, but that would be fun. Just to play once a month or so for a dance or something like that.

Political agitation update: They removed all of the No Parking signs. I will not declare total victory until they take down the Speed Bumps signs though.

I am melancholy tonight. Just for reasons that I shall not share. But started mid-afternoon.

I slept okay again last night, again without assistance. Workout was decent. Well, no, it was really good. Chatted a bit with the Ebony chick who seems to be very nice, if somewhat underdressed. Well, not really, but not exactly demurely either. Rode home. Ate bagels. Waited around for contractors who didn't show up until almost 10 or so. I finished the one report and did a couple of other things for there, and then left a couple notes for Sharon over in Kenya. She's coming back next week. I will be happy to see her, we worked well together even from a distance. Very nice and very capable and Michael thinks we have the same somewhat edgy sense of humor. The contractors finished everything up around 1 so that was good. Was able to turn on the furnace fan although I'm not sure it helps all that much. Very quiet.

I went to the UVil SBux but it wasn't all that great, partly for the melancholy reasons stated above (or rather not stated but alluded to), and maybe it's just not my thing anymore. I dunno. It was a nice break though. I got a couple things at the QFC down there for dinner though. Came home and did some cleaning up and played my trumpet for a little while. It was enjoyable. I was going through the Magic Trumpet. Maybe that will be my first song I will set out to play perfectly. Fairly simple, but there is a lot of styling that needs to be done. Then I'll work on Tangerine.

Made dinner, mostly on the grill as it was 89 today. Walked. Listening to the same sad piano music I used to listen to when I first moved out here, Michael Jones' Seascapes. As I said earlier (couple days ago maybe), this is not the anxiety sort of melancholy feeling, it's good in a way. Useful. A quiet, calm sort of sadness where I don't mind not doing much except working. So in that sense, useful. And it doesn't make me nervous, anxious, etc. I would like to keep it in some capacity for a while. 

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