Wednesday, July 27, 2016

27 July 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up early this this morning and started painting the house. Took the bus up to meet Louise from work [out spoon] again today. Painted most of the afternoon. Talked to her on the telephone for a while. Carl came down tonight and we went by and I got to be with Louise for a little while tonight. Had some before I went to bed tonight. Getting to be about 12:00. Eats $.40. Spent $.40. 
I had a really good day today. Oddly enough. Sure didn't start out all that great, as in, at 3:45 this morning harumph. So, felt kinda crappy all day because of that. Still, I had a really decent workout and had a nice chat with Hannah at the gym who is from Wisconsin and is leaving for eastern WA at the end of the week, and also the hot little asian chick that is down there often. Well, I mean, she's very nice; I like her. Works really hard, too, and it shows. I also asked Stewart "Hey, didn't you used to work out here?" Heh. He's been out a lot. I also decided I am playing Injury Whack-a-Mole: I fix one thing and another thing pops up. Sheesh.

Ride down and back was okay. I worked on the one report all morning and treated myself to a mocha, walking up to the SBux around 9. The inspector called up at 11 and said he'd be there within an hour and so I decided around 11:30 to get some lunch from McD's (hadn't planned to, but there's nothing in the house and I had to get something) and, lo and behold, all of the (^$(#^*&($#* SDOT No Parking signs had been moved. Ha. I would hope my little sign caused a backlash, but they're probably just showing their usual incompetence and are just putting it off. Jerks. I made a new sign though:

So there, talked to nice young ladies at the gym and at least the )$@&(%^$*)@^ speed humps are put off for a while. I did some more work after lunch and then decided I needed some sun so I laid out in the back yard for about an hour. Felt good to just get more sun. Worked a bit more after that and then started dinnering. We went up to the Fred Meyer on Lake City Way so I could possibly get a new pitcher for my iced tea maker (nix), fishing line to fix the one flamingo chimes, some fruity fizzy drink things that I took a liking to in Wisconsin, and some milk.

Oh, the guys took out the old furnace, too. I don't miss it. It's a little sad that the original furnace from the house is gone, but I don't care.

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