Tuesday, July 26, 2016

26 July 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Got up early this morning and started painting on the house. At 10:00 I caught the bus and rode up to where Louise is working and rode home with her. Painted on the house all afternoon. Saw Louise down town this evening and got to [bed] with her for a couple of hours. Walked home and I had a bite to eat before I got off the [bed]. Am getting to bed about 12:00 tonight. 
Busy and productive day today. I slept. . .well, meh. Had trouble getting to sleep (minor assistance) and then -- would you believe? -- woke up at 3:30. But I managed to get back to sleep with minor assistance. Sheesh. I rode to the IMA and learned that those ASSHATS are putting in grooved speed bumps so the $(*&$((*$^@ bikes can just cruise down as fast as they want. Bastards. So I rode back up on 40th. Suck it, SDOT.

And when I got home I put my signs up:

So far of four people who have mentioned it they've all been positive. Suck it, SDOT.

No, I'm not annoyed at all. . . . .

I worked on Coptic stuff most of the day. The contractors got here around 10 and finished up around 2. I had to rerun some of the big programs because it turned out I didn't have a Gender variable! How can that possibly be left out? Note to self: Check Engi's old code for variables as well. I went to McD's and brought it back for the Spousal Unit who was at home again today. When I got done (read: sick of doing) the Coptic stuff, I fiddled around for a while and then started on the latest report for Cascadia. Problematic because no one took good notes so I have to make up a lot of stuff. Also had to deal with DAHP blehh. So, some guy did a small survey on this property in 1999 and found stuff. It is virtually guaranteed that DAHP will require monitoring. Because that guy found stuff. So I suggested that we just monitor this work because it will be shallower than the stuff he found and doing a survey would just be added cost and work. Well, no, they want a survey. I don't think it ever occurred to her that doing a survey if monitoring was a near certainty would be idiotic. Well, that's DAHP.

So, made dinner (chicken in the crock pot) etc., and then walked. We chatted with the neighbors about my sign, chatted a bit with Norma, and then the Spousal Unit walked a couple of blocks and then turned back and I continued. Nice walk.

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