Sunday, July 24, 2016

24 July 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up at 5:30 this morning and went fishing with Lee Roy. Got back here about 1:00. Saw Louise up by the school for an hour or so this afternoon. Got some pictures for her $.65. Left for Moses Lake with the dance band at about 6:00 this evening. Played U.S.O. dance at the Air base there. On the way back we stopped and had some eats $.50. We got back into Yakima about xx:00 this morning. Gas $.50. Pop $.20. Spent $1.35.
Well, this morning started off bright and early at 3:45. Ugh. Slept pretty okay most of the night. I tried to get back to sleep twice before the Spousal Unit got up but no go. *sigh* Just hung out and watched the Hungarian Grand Prix, another boring race where the guy (Hamilton) led on the first lap and was never threatened since. Ate in. I read outside on the front steps for a little while and then came in a took a short, but welcome, nap. Got quite a bit done after that, chores-wise. Then sat down to watch TV for a while (mostly pre-NASCAR junk) and almost fell asleep again. Went to UVil, did the usual stuff. Came home early because the Spousal Unit's guts were in bad shape. I went out back and sat out in the sun for a while. I listened to an old Suzanne Vega album which, if one knew me, one would wonder why the heck I would even have it, let alone listen to it semi-regularly. I liked it in the later 1980s, specifically 1987-88. I have good memories of that time, a summer of which was spent on San Juan Island at a field school and then in Egypt the first time. I've probably mentioned how the one song, Calypso, really capture my imagination the few times I stayed in Alexandria at a hotel with big floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Mediterranean. I loved that. Lots of nostalgia associated with interesting archaeology, good work, not to mention a hot little undergrad. Heh.


Made dinner and then walked. Nice day out, around 81 and sunny. This coming week we're supposed to have our first days over 85 in July. We had a few very warm days in May and June but since then it's been a fairly typical, cool summer. 

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