Saturday, July 23, 2016

23 July 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Got up early this morning. After breakfast I took a [tire] apart for dad. We had some insulation put in a part of the house today. Went fishing with Les this afternoon. Got a fishing license $2.65. Went to the American Legion basket game[sic] tonight. $.60. Walked around some after the game and saw Louise tonight. Am tired tonight. Got in the house about 1:15 this morning. Spent $3.25.
I managed to sleep until 5 this morning although I don't know how. We went out for breakfast, which was good; first bacon in like a month! I cleaned and put stuff away when we got back, mostly the junk I had shipped back along with the boxes. Just put away stuff to make the place a little neater for when the contractors come this week. Plus I'll be working here M-W so I'd like it to be a little neater.

Ended up watching another Bond movie (Moonraker, dumb one) and took a nap. We went to the BBQ place on Lake City for lunch and then. . . .Spam's Club. Got ink so I can make my signs for Monday. Piss, off SDOT. Did an estate sale, wow. Apparently it was a renter and a total hoarder. One room was still packed with so much stuff you couldn't get into it. Bought nothing but it was kind of fun looking through all the junk. Crazy person.

Thence to UVil for some yogurt and a few comestibles. Didn't do much when I got home, although I made dinner and then managed to turn on the wrong burner and melted some hotpads to the one and am still trying to get it off. D-U-M dum.

Walked up at NGate and got some other junk, too.

I am lately getting certain pangs of. . . .I dunno. Not the sort of anxiety pangs I used to get, the sort of hopelessness feelings. Now just some sadness like I used to get when I first moved out here. I don't really count that as a negative; in all honesty, that sort of thing acts more like a fire in the belly. 

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